Google Webmaster Guy On The One Thing He'd Ask From SEOs

Gary Illyes, one of the faces of Google webmaster relations in the post-Matt Cutts era, gave an interview to Search Engine Journal discussing Accelerated Mobile Pages, the Mobile-Friendly update, and more.

When mobile-friendliness came up in the conversation, he noted that things have gotten a lot better over the past year. Just to give you an idea of how much importance Google places on mobile-friendliness, consider this quote from Illyes:

If I could ask one thing from the SEOs, it would be to decrease page load times on the sites they manage. It makes a huge difference for the users!

AMP of course plays into this. It does stand for Accelerated Mobile Pages after all. Google has indicated in the past that using AMP will make your site mobile-friendly, so you'll be able to pass Google's test for that.

Unfortunately, there are apparently a lot of so-called SEOs that aren't even aware of AMP, let alone using it.

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