Big Bling in Madison Square Park

Several of us Scriptable Solutions NYC office dwellers regularly stroll through the serene playground that is Madison Square Park either on our way to work, home from work, during lunch, or for a quick impromptu “I have to get the heck out of this building before I smash something” moment. Very recently during a work happy hour (yes, we have a lot of these), our staff had a rather interesting conversation about the art living in Madison Square Park - so we thought we would share our discovery…

First, if you haven’t been to Madison Square Park, we have no idea what you’re waiting for. It is a quaint, lively park that is surrounded by beautiful buildings and delicious food. It’s filled with rich history and with very hungry squirrels. If you don’t believe us, we dare you to open a bag of pistachios while sitting in the grass. While in the park you can see views of the famous Flat Iron Building, grab a burger from the original Shake Shack, let your dog run wild in the dog park, and…see amazingly large modern sculptures!

After several vodka sodas it was discovered that each one of us saw something different when viewing “Big Bling” in the park. Again, for those of you who haven’t been to the park – “Big Bling” is a monumental exhibition by renowned American sculptor Martin Puryear. Trust us, it’s gigantic and worth the stop. If you decide to visit this sculpture (it’s only on display for a few more months, FYI), let us know your thoughts on this piece – because our office interpretations are all over the place.

So what could “Big Bling” possibly be? Here’s what the tiny little office elves at Scriptable Solutions NYC gather…
  1. "A shackled elephant"
  2. "A pierced ear"
  3. "A rollercoaster ride"
  4. "A baby in a womb"
  5. "An intricate apartment building with an exclusive penthouse"
  6. "A very nice bull"
  7. "A football player"
  8. "A foot"
  9. "A sad puppy"
  10. "A person trying to get up"
  11. "A gorilla or some kind of ape"
  12. "A key chain bottle opener"
We definitely now all agree that…art truly is in the eye of the beholder.

Author: Scriptable Solutions NYC
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