A Snow Day for Scriptable Solutions NYC
Remember when you were a kid and you stayed up all night praying to any God that would listen for a snow day the next day? Remember the feeling of adrenaline coursing through your body when you saw your school name on TV next to the word “CLOSED”? Remember how fast you scrambled out of bed to inhale a bowl of Captain Crunch so you could get outside and play all day? Well we remember that feeling VERY well. Why? Because it just happened to us!

The massive snow storm that rolled on through New York City on Wednesday left the city in a state of disarray, and left the Scriptable Solutions NYC team home for the day! One of the giant perks working for a web company, is the fact that your job can be done remotely from virtually anywhere. In a park. On a train. At a bar. Or better yet, right from the comfort of your very own one bedroom apartment in Park Slope while the Price Is Right is on.

While the rest of the city scurried and scrambled trying to get to work…the entire Scriptable Solutions NYC team commuted to their couches and fired up their laptops for the work day. Pajamas were worn. Hot chocolate was drank. Ego Waffles were consumed. And websites galore were created. It’s amazing what a good solid snow day will do for office moral!

New York City has since been shoveled and plowed and the Scriptable Solutions NYC office is now back open. Everyone is back at their desks, listening to music, making coffee in the Keurig, and discussing lunch options. But we’re pretty positive that most of us will fall fast asleep tonight with visions of another grown up snow day dancing in our heads.

Until next time Mother Nature…

Author: Scriptable Solutions NYC
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