It's Spring in New York City!
Seeing as our last article was about our office having a work-from-home snow day, it seemed only fitting to have our next article be about sunshiny spring days in the NYC.

There is always something amaze about New York in spring. Life comes alive and everything is a buzzzzzzzz. Seriously, if you have never visited NYC in the spring – we can’t be friends. It’s a bucket list must-do. So now that Mother Nature has taken a weather-filled sedative…

Here are the reasons why spring in New York City is so awesome:
  • Baseball is back baby! Whether you’re sitting in the Bronx or in Queens - baseball in New York is in full swing (pun intended).
  • People watching. It’s mind-blowing to see what people wear when they emerge from hibernation.
  • Rooftop bars are open! Alcohol and a view does wonders for making all the bad people in your life go away.
  • Gardens. NYC is currently doping on full flower steroids. Check out the Botanical Garden if you’re looking to kick your flower power into serious overdrive.
  • Art. No matter where you go – you’re going to run into an art display, exhibit, gallery, festival or all the above. It’s completely unavoidable – and so incredibly fabulous.
  • Coney Island is up & running! Nothing beats a ride on the Cyclone and 4 Nathans hotdogs to wrap up a perfect spring day.
  • Everyone is happy! Shedding extra layers, breathing fresh air, and soaking up vitamin D makes us New Yorkers a lot less harsh. We might even give you directions if you ask. Well…maybe.
  • Spring cocktails! Now is the time to get your spring on in drink form at numerous bars around the city. (Tip: try the “A Pansy for your Thoughts” at Maxwell’s Chophouse on Broadway – delish!)
  • Parks. The absolute best way to enjoy springtime in New York is to walk, run, bike, or sit in any park around. From Central to Madison Square to Prospect and more – parks are the total New York warm weather package.
Until summer arrives, the weather outside will be on a doppler radar rollercoaster of okay-ness. Not great, not awful…just right. So if you’re in the city during the next month plus – enjoy spring for all that it has to offer and more!

Author: Scriptable Solutions NYC
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