Getting our Grub on at Mad. Sq. Eats
We’re not sure how it works at your office, but at our office we hear the same back and forth routine every day come lunch. The debacle always kicks off with someone asking “who needs to go out and get lunch?” This question will quickly be followed by “I’m starving – where do you want to go?” and “what do you feel like eating” and the “I’m up for anything” and of course the infamous “I don’t know, where do you want to go?” This scene usually plays out for at least 45 minutes before people give up and just grab a slice of pizza or hit up the vending machines in the lobby. However, for the next 3 weeks the lunch Gods (or Goddesses) have made our office lunch decision much, much easier.

Madison Square Eats is going on at Worth Square on 5th Avenue (between 25th & 26th)! Holy guacamole, the lunch decisions are endless – no joke. If you can’t find something you like, you must be dead on the inside because there is legit EVERYTHING. From healthy to deep fried to melt in your mouth to melt in your hand – Mad. Sq. Eats has it.

Here are some noteworthy notes about this outdoor food festival:
  • Madison Square Eats is a semi-annual event. One in the spring & one in the fall. So if you happen to miss this one – no worries. It will be back.
  • It’s open through June 9th from 11am to 9pm. Technically that means you could eat breakfast, lunch AND dinner at the festival.
  • Some of the city’s best restaurants and food innovators are set-up, waiting to take your order.
  • Most places have a great selection of beer and wine – if you don’t have to go back to work after definitely take advantage of it.
  • It can get crowded. If you have limited time for lunch (like we do), either go right when it opens or after 2:00 to avoid long lines.
  • Seating can be tricky, especially when it’s super nice out like it is now. But if you can’t find a seat Mad. Sq. Park is right there – benches, grass and all.
Since it opened, our office has been hitting up Mad. Sq. Eats on the regular. You don’t need to trust our opinions, those you can form on your own – but in case you are curious, here are some food highlights from our staff…
  • The cheesesteak with truffle & goat cheese from Cheesesteaks by the Truffliest.
  • The Connecticut Lobster Roll from Red Hook Lobster Pound.
  • The Fish Taco’s from Frida’s Favorites.
  • The White Guy Pizza from Roberta’s.
  • The Coconut Curry Chicken Empanada from La Sonrisa.
  • The Valley Thunder Sandwich from MeltKraft.
  • The Thai Basil Chicken from Bangkok Bar.
  • The Lovelet (red velvet) Ice Cream Sandwich from Melt.
And we should remind you that we still have 3 more weeks of eating to go…Bon Appetite!

Author: Scriptable Solutions NYC
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