A Drink And A View? Yes Please!
[roof, roo f]

Noun, plural roofs.
1. the external upper covering of a house or other building.
2. the highest part or summit.
Scriptable Solutions definition of a roof…
1. The place where the best bars in New York City are located.

Living in New York you are faced with a type of weather reality. A reality where warm weather arrives in the city quickly and it leaves even faster than it rolled in. If you blink, you might just miss the season. That’s why every person living in this concrete jungle rushes outside to squeeze every last drop out of the summer. Sure there are parks to stroll around in. Sure there are pools to swim in. Sure there are festivals to go to. But in our opinion there is no better way to enjoy what’s left of the summer than to have a few cocktails at one of NYC’s best rooftop bars.
Let’s face it…it’s the total package. Whether you’re just visiting for the weekend or have lived here your entire life – the view of the city never gets old. The lights, the buildings, the skyline, the pure adrenaline coursing down each city street – it is all forever impressive. Let the tourists pay the admission price to see the city from the Top of the Rock…we will be enjoying our own fabulous view from a fabulous rooftop bar for the price of a fabulous martini. And better yet, we get to drink that martini.
Here are 5 of our favorite rooftop bars in NYC this season…  

1. St. Cloud Social Rooftop at The Knickerbocker:  (6 Times Square – 42nd & Broadway). Since there’s a rumor that the martini was invented at this hotel...this rooftop bar is the perfect start to our list. This place serves up views of Times Square & Bryant Park and ahhhmazing seasonal cocktails.
Reason it made our list: This is great spot to take in a drink (or 8) if you need to escape the insanity that is Times Square while taking your family sightseeing for the 5th weekend in a row.

2. The Press Lounge at Kimpton Ink48 Hotel: (653 11th Ave.) This Hells Kitchen rooftop bar is posh enough for Posh Spice. Fireplaces, couches, greenery, leather, glass…it’s all here surrounded by eye popping views of the city and the Hudson. Their nicely rounded beer selection and seasonal cocktails (the Dagen specifically) help to quickly scrub off workday stress.
Reason it made our list: We always feel slightly wealthier when we stop here for a drink. It’s good for our alter uber-rich ego’s.

3. Roof at Park South: (125th E 27th St.) This contemporary rooftop bar sits above the Park South Hotel, giving us drinkers views of city, most impressively the Chrysler building. A chill, relaxed space that’s spot on for a pop-in drink after work or with friends. Or if your co-workers are your friends…it’s an ace in the hole.   
Reason it made our list: The Overproof Pina Colada is perfectly refreshing on a hot city night…it makes you forget that you’re hot…or that you’re in the city…or that it’s night.

4. Gallow Green: (542 W. 27th St.) This lush rooftop bar sits atop the McKittrick Hotel. Different from the other bars on this list, you really don’t go here for the views of the city. The views of the bar space is where it’s at. This place is a like a Secret Garden on steroids. There are flowers, vines, trees, twinkling lights and even a subway car on your path to order a drink. It’s magically delicious. 
Reason it made our list: The elevator ride up is a complete throwback. After a few drinks it’s awesome to strike up convo with the operator. #He knows things.

5. Roof Garden Bar at the Met Fifth Floor: (1000 5th Ave) Just an elevator ride up to the fifth floor of the Metropolitan Museum of Art brings you to a hidden bar that has the absolute best view of the city and of Central Park. Don’t freak out with the drink prices and the crowds…think VIEW people…THE VIEW!  
Reason it made our list: Every now and then we have to add a little bit of culture into our lives. It’s good for the soul…(even if we have to pretend that we totally understand art for a bit).

Whether it's poured neat or on the rocks...make sure you drink up every last drop of what is left of the summer! Cheers!

Author: Scriptable Solutions NYC
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