It's Rooftop Movie Night!
Rooftop anything is awesome. You can’t beat the ambiance it offers…sunsets, stars, skylines, and several other “s” words we can’t think of off the top of our heads. And since we love our extracurricular activities to involve the outdoors and altitude…we’ve decided to hit up one of the last rooftop movie nights of the season for our vertical enjoyment.

A few of us ventured over to YOTEL last month for a school night viewing of Goodfellas under the stars. Which got us thinking…wouldn’t this make for a fantastic company late, late happy hour 2-hour? Why yes, it would. And what would be even better is to actually go to real happy hour during happy hour and THEN go to movie happy 2-hour after real happy hour. Follow? No worries, we’ll catch you up to speed.  

This Friday night, September 29th, the Rooftop Cinema Club is airing Ghostbusters at the OfficeOps in Brooklyn. And if you’re wondering what has 10 thumbs and has tickets to this movie? The Scriptable Solutions NYC staff does, that’s what. If you haven’t had the chance to see a movie at YOTEL or OfficeOps this season, well that just sucks. The season for rooftop enjoyment is drastically drawing to a close - it looks like this weekend is it for getting tickets. But if you’re able…we highly recommend.

Here’s the skinny (or the not so skinny depending on how much popcorn you stuff in your face):
  • It’s BYO Drinks! No need to buzzkill your happy hour by watching “Driving Miss Daisy” dry shortly after downing four pints of Guiness at the bar across the street from your office. The party can continue right on the rooftop from the comfort of your very own deck chair. Bring a flask, a cooler, a whole keg if you can carry it – and view on. *Note: YOTEL has a full bar open during the entire movie for your consuming pleasure.
  • The views. They are ticket price worthy by themselves. At either location the views are great. OfficeOps gives you a Manhattan skyline and YOTEL gives you city surrounds.
  • Wireless Headphones. Obviously it would be hard to hear movie lines over the 78 taxi cabs all horn honking at the same time from the street below. The wireless headphones they give you upon entering are stellar for hearing every word.
  • Food. You have options here…you can either BYO at OfficeOps or buy popcorn and food at YOTEL.
  • Blankets. Some nights can be chilly after sunset. And some people have a hard time watching a movie without a blanket. For these reasons, you’ll be pleased to know that they hand out blankets at check-in, if you need one. Or if you’re a germ freak (like we are) – just say no.
  • Chairs. The deck chairs they provide are great. It’s like sitting at the Jersey Shore, without the Jersey and without the shore.
  • Movies. Their movie selection is spot on. There is something for everyone…unless you’re under 21 – then stay home, because you’re not welcome.
Again, it looks like Rooftop Cinema is closing up shop after this weekend. So if you’re looking for something to do with friends, co-workers, family, or people you just met on the subway this Friday…consider taking in Ghostbusters. We’ll be there. And we ain't afraid of no ghosts.

Author: Scriptable Solutions NYC
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