Scriptable Solutions NYC Is Off & Running!
The Scriptable Solutions NYC team is lacing up their Nike’s this Halloweekend for Sunday’s NYC Runs Haunted Island 5K on Roosevelt Island! We couldn’t be more excited…and terrified!

Fall in NYC is freaking beautiful…so we decided to sign-up for something we could all do outdoors together as a team. Even though some of us were thinking more along the lines of fall beer tasting or pumpkin carving (while drinking fall beer), we came to the decision to do something beneficial for our bodies and for charity. So a few weeks back we hopped online and registered away.

We must admit…the time between deciding to do the race and now has flown by in the blink of an eye. Some of us are probably more prepared than others, but no matter what, we are sure to have a great time running this race for the first time. We read online that the Roosevelt Island course is flat with no hills, which is encouraging for the select few of us who haven’t ran since trying to flee the cops back in 09’. *(JK – but it has been a long time).

Start time is at 8:30am and the weather looks good so far. So if you’re in the area (at 8:30 in the morning on the Sunday before Halloween??) stop down and hand us some Gatorade as we glide on by. We’re going to need it! #ElectrolytesGetLow

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