Making Spirit Bright with New York City Tree Lightings Galore
Tis the season for making spirits bright with spiked egg nog, carols, good tidings, and of course, the pinnacle of Christmas symbols…the tree.

Each holiday season, most of us take on the grueling task of finding the perfect Christmas tree…then lugging the perfect Christmas tree up 4 flights of stairs to your apartment in Astoria…then jamming the perfect Christmas tree into a tree stand that’s too small, and then trying to light the perfect Christmas tree with 15 strands of twinkly lights – only to discover that the perfect Christmas tree…doesn’t light. Perfect.

Even though we don’t know you. We’ve probably never met. We’re going to safely guess you’ve experienced the wrath of half-lit Christmas light strands, oddly bright strands (which happens right before they blow out FYI), or completely dead strands. If you haven’t – you’re lying. And remember it’s Christmas time, Santa’s watching.

Well misery does love company. And if it makes you feel any better about whatever Christmas tree disaster happened to you last weekend or during Christmas’s past…our sad little office tree didn’t light today either. Making the tree even sadder.

So until someone in this office gets to the store and buys a new box of lights – Noel will stay unlit. But the good thing is…there are plenty other tree lighting ceremonies around this city (where the trees ACTUALLY light when they’re plugged in) to go and see.

If your tree is a dud like ours – here are a few New York City tree lightings to help brighten up your spirits and spread holiday cheer…
1. Madison Square Park: Thursday, December 7th 3:30pm – 5:30pm

Since this park is in our neck of the woods – we gave it the number 1 spot. We’re a little biased.

For over 100 years, the tree at Madison Square Park has been joyfully set ablaze with a celebration of music, food, and activities. We’ve only been at our current office location just outside of the park for a year…so we’ve missed out on a lot. But don’t worry, we plan to make up for it by being at Mad Sq. Park on Thursday…and then for 100 years after that.

2. Bryant Park: Friday, December 1st 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Since our office used to be located just outside of Bryant Park – we gave it the number 2 spot. Will our bias ever end? No. Probably not.

The Tree Lighting Skate-tacular features Olympic skaters, a few celebs, music and more. Bryant Park is transformed into a magical mini winter wonderland, with enough yuletide spirit enough to make Micheal Buble record yet another Christmas album.
3. Washington Square Park: Wednesday, December 6th 6:00pm

Since our office was never located near Washington Square Park - we gave it the number 3 spot. Dead last.

If you want to experience what Christmas would be like under an Arch, then head over to Washington Square Park for their annual tree lighting ceremony. Traditions are abound with caroling, candy canes, and of course, the big cheese himself, Kris Kringle.

Author: Scriptable Solutions NYC
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