We're Eating Our Way Through Mad. Sq. Eats!

It’s baaaaaaaaaack!

And holy cow – it’s better than ever!
Mad. Sq. Eats has finally set-up shop again a few blocks down from our office. We have been waiting and waiting for this outdoor feast fest to park it in Worth Square since its last go-around last fall. But now it’s here…in all it’s delicious glory. Totally worth the wait.

Since everyone in our office suffers from a severe case of FOMO…Monday through Friday at 12:00 sharp, you can find our entire team standing in food lines during this month long festival. The family that designs websites together…eats together.
Since this is not our first food rodeo, we’ve got the layout of the land down pretty good. Here are the details for those of you who are Mad. Sq. Eats virgins…
  • Located at Worth Square on 5th Avenue (between 25th & 26th).
  • Runs through Friday, June 1st every day from 11am – 9pm.
  • Features over 25 awesome food & drink vendors.
  • Bi-annual event = 1 during the spring (aka now) & 1 during the fall.
  • Something for everyone…and we do mean EVERYONE.
  • Alcohol is served. We repeat…alcohol IS served.
Mad. Sq. Eats is definitely not for the weak or the anorexic. It is a complete over-indulgent event where you see how much you can stuff in your face, while still being able to squeeze into your pants, for an entire month. Or maybe that’s just what we do. Well, however you approach it…approach it with gusto and leave your calorie counting Fitbit at home for once. There is so much to try and trust us, you’ll want to try it all.

Here is what we are digging on this spring…
  • The Margherita Pizza from Roberta’s. So fresh, so simple, so delightful.
  • The Binger from Mayhem Sandwiches. If you love turkey & bacon, this sandwich will cuddle you while whispering sweet nothings in your ear.
  • The Truffle Cheesesteak from Truffleist. OMG…that is all.
  • The 9AM from Ice & Vice. It’s like mainlining coffee & dessert at the same time.
  • The Alpine Brat from Baked Cheese Haus. This just proves that the Swiss know there way around some cheese.
So many more days to go…and so much more food to eat! Will you be there tomorrow at noon? We will.

Author: Scriptable Solutions NYC
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