To Drink Scotch or Not To Drink Scotch…That IS The Question

Oh Labor Day weekend…how do we love thee? Let us count the ways.
1. You give us 3 days off from our lovely jobs, instead of the regular old 2.
2. You shower us with sunshine and beautiful weather.
3. You shorten lines and commute times by allowing snobby city dwellers to travel upstate for the long weekend.
4. You reintroduce the world to everything pumpkin.
5. You set a ticking clock for folks to stop wearing white jeans.
6. You pack a ton of events, festivals, and jam sessions in 3 fabulous fun-filled days.
Yes, Labor Day traditionally marks the end of the summer season by welcoming in the over consumption of flannels, spiced latte’s and hard apple cider. Even though, as New Yorkers, it is extremely difficult to say goodbye to the sunshiny summer weather we cherish so much, Labor Day has much to offer for those who sit tight for the long weekend. From the Electric Zoo to the Brazilian Bash, there’s a little something for everyone.

Since no one in our office has a second home, or even a second bedroom for that matter, we decided to kick of Labor Day weekend together by taking in a theatrical performance this Friday night.
After hitting up a local watering hole for a few, the entire Scriptable Solutions NYC talent team will be at the 8:00 performance of Drunk Shakespeare, sipping on yet a few more cocktails. Relax, it’s a long weekend…plenty of recovery time.
We have to admit, Broadway is beyond outstanding, but Drunk Shakespeare is one play that is definitely right up our alley. For 90 minutes, ticket holders can enjoy cocktails while watching a Shakespearean play performed by at least 1 sloshed actor. Every show is different, because let’s face it, you have no idea what’s going to come out of your mouth after 5 shots of whiskey. We’ve all had those nights.
So whatever you do on this most special of holiday weekends…enjoy it to the fullest by taking full advantage of the weather, the empty city, cocktail specials and perhaps maybe a little drunk culture!

Author: Scriptable Solutions NYC
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