Have Drinks in Times Square? Never. Well Maybe Just This Once

New Yorkers tend to steer clear from a variety of things:
  1. Little Italy (for us, it’s like going to the Olive Garden)
  2. The Olive Garden (or TGI Fridays, or the Hard Rock, or Red Lobster, or California Pizza Kitchen, or Planet Hollywood, or any other chain restaurant out there)
  3. Street performers (never make eye contact)
  4. Walking behind picture taking tourist’s bogarting the left lane of the sidewalk (OMG – MOVE!)
  5. Metro card malfunctions (it happens to all of us & never gets less embarrassing)
But on top of the pet peeves mentioned above, there’s nothing that New Yorkers attempt to avoid more than being in Times Square.

Since venturing into Times Square ranks even with having open heart surgery on Christmas morning, you can imagine the faces shown in this office when a client asked for our design team to meet them at their Times Square hotel for drinks after work. #isittoolatetoquit

A few evenings ago, a handful of us hopped in a cab after work and spent the 15 minute ride reflecting on why we were taking a cab to Times Square instead of sucking up the 15 minute walk. Here’s our reasoning…
  1. Walking around NYC during the summer is comparable to walking on the surface of the sun. Since it was a balmy 99 degrees out with 99% humidity, we thought it best to not show up for our meeting looking like Ted Striker in the movie Airplane! Roger, Roger.
  2. 34th Street/Herald Square smells like death, especially on a 99 degree day. Because the smell at this station consumes you and attempts to kill you slowly, if we took the subway, we would’ve brought a lot more than great web design ideas to our meeting. We would’ve brought the stench of urine soaked rotting garbage too.
  3. There’s always the chance that the next cab you hail will be the Cash Cab. And we like those odds.
Our cab dropped us off at the Moxy Hotel on 7th Ave at 36th as our meeting was at Magic Hour, Moxy’s rooftop bar & lounge.

Here’s a quick summary of our time spent there…

Positives: At the time we went (6:00) it was busy but not overly crowded. There was plenty of breathing room between our group and the other guests, making it a good choice for a place to have convo. The music also helped our “shop talk” as it was at a Goldilocks volume, not too loud, not too soft. And they played a good rotation of tunes…which helped in turning our “work meeting” into more of a fun happy hour with co-workers. The service for drinks was spot on, never being without a beverage for more than a moments time…which some of us there could have used a little more time before taking down their next vodka soda. (You know who you are).

Negatives: Magic Hour is a little smaller than we had anticipated. It's a hotel rooftop bar, so we expected it to be more spacious. The drinks are expensive, yes it's Times Square, yes it's a hotel, but for what they are...a shot of whiskey...cheaper drinks of the same quality can be found elsewhere in Manhattan. On the plus side, we weren't paying for the drinks, so that worked out in our favor ;) Oh, and Magic Hour is a wee bit touristy. And by wee bit…we mean A LOT. Being in this location, it can’t help but be a safe haven for city visitors.

As a group of New Yorkers, we are a tad ashamed in stating that we had a great time at this location. Maybe it was the company, the alcohol, the jams, the views of the Empire State Building, the web design deal we closed, or the semi-pornographic mini-golf course, that got to our heads and made us believe that we should visit again. Whatever the reason, we liked it, and we will attempt to come again should Times Square come-a-calling. Our only letdown of the evening…we didn’t get into the Cash Cab.

Author: Scriptable Solutions NYC
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