Lederhosen & Weisswurst & Biers…OH MY!

It’s fall y’all!
October in New York City is absolutely beautiful. The weather is Goldilocks (not too hot, not too cold), the leaves are colorful, and the light scent of pumpkin & apples can be detected with each blowing breeze. (Except on trash day, there’s a whole other scent blowing around). But more important than all this seasonal fluff…in October, the Germans put on one hell of a festival.

Oktoberfest is the quintessential celebration of everything Bavarian. This annual event first began with the royal wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810. These two crazy love birds were so happy to be getting hitched, that they invited the entire population of Munich to their “wedding reception”. As the years went on, Oktoberfest grew in size and tradition, becoming the largest festival in the world, and spread into other cities and countries like a raging forest fire.  
In our area, New York City, there are several locations that put on Oktoberfest celebrations. However, in our humble office opinion, no other festival celebrates Bavarian culture better than Munich on the East River.

This Friday, October 5th, our office will suit up in lederhosen and dirndl’s, learn all the lyrics to “99 Luftballoons”, and make our 3rd annual appearance at the Zum Schneider Oktoberfest Tent!
Hailed by most as being “the best Oktoberfest in NYC”, Munich of the East River provides an authentic German feel by featuring all of the Oktoberfest staples
  • A Huge tent with blue & white decorations everywhere.
  • German speaking waitresses…um, ein bier bitte!
  • Gingerbread hearts
  • An Oompah band playing all the classics to make you chug your drink.
  • Face-sized pretzels, brats, and other edible traditions.
  • Giant glass steins filled with Oktoberfest drafts that are designed to get you intoxicated before the Oompah Loompah band starts their 3rd song.
On Friday night, our Scriptable Solutions happy hour team plans to slam down several HB Traunstein Festbier’s, while singing along to “Ein Prost der Gemutlichkeit”, after eating a large platter of Weisswurt at this year’s festival. We have to admit, big pretzels and big beers make welcoming in autumn that much more fun.

Whatever YOU do during Oktoberfest, we hope you celebrate it Bavarian style. PROST!
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